There are 7 public boat ramps on Shasta Lake, all operated by Shasta Recreation Company. All of the designated Forest Service boat ramps (with the exception of the Sugarloaf ramp) have a paved ramp, a dawn and dusk lighted parking area, restrooms and garbage disposal facilities.

Public Boat Ramp at Hirz Bay, Shasta Lake

A daily use fee is required at all public ramps…$8 per vehicle or $15 for patio/houseboats (30 feet or longer). Season passes are available. Shasta Recreation Company honors a 50% discount for holders of Senior and Access passports. Antlers, Centimudi and Packers Bay have wheelchair accessible loading platforms.

Shasta Lake boat ramps are usually open all year. However ramps may be closed when the parking lots fill up, or if lake debris make launching hazardous. Antlers and Centimudi ramps are most likely to have debris problems, especially in the spring months. Centimudi, Jones Valley and Bailey Cove ramps often fill up on holiday weekends.

When Shasta Lake levels are drawn down more than 50 feet, some ramps close. Others are moved to alternate locations.

Shasta Lake Public Boat Ramps:

  • Antlers – Exit I-5 at Lakeshore Drive/Antlers Road, exit # 702. Go east, 1/2 mile.
  • Bailey Cove – Exit I-5 at O’Brien, exit # 695. Take Shasta Caverns Road, 1 mile to Bailey Cove Road.
  • Centimudi – Exit I-5 at Shasta Dam Blvd., exit # 685. Take Lake or Shasta Dam Blvd. towards Shasta Dam.
  • Hirz Bay – Exit I-5 at Gilman Road, exit # 698, 10 miles to Hirz Bay. Closed during severe weather conditions.
  • Jones Valley – Exit I-5 at Oasis Road, exit # 682, or Mountain Gate, exit # 687, then east to Bear Mountain Road.
  • Packers Bay – Exit Northbound I-5 at O’Brien, exit # 695 and join Southbound I-5 traffic. Exit at Packers Bay Road.
  • Sugarloaf – Exit I-5 at Lakeshore Drive/Antlers Road, exit # 702. Left 2 miles.

During the summer months at Shasta Lake courtesy docks are available at the public ramps to load passengers and cargo. Boats 26 feet and longer are prohibited from tying up to the courtesy docks. Larger boats can anchor to the shoreline to accommodate loading needs. It is unsafe and a violation of State Law to swim, dive from, or sunbathe on, any courtesy dock or within 200 feet of a boat launching ramp.  Lake Shasta lake information, guide, travel and tourism.