Shasta Lake Water Level Report for December 30

We start this week with a current Shasta Lake water level of 937 feet, which puts us at 130 feet from the crest of 1067 feet. The lake is holding 37-percent of capacity, which is below normal for the date.

Shasta Lake Water Level December 30

Shasta Lake Water Level – December 30 (Instagram)

Shasta Lake water level is steady since last Monday’s reading of 937 feet.

There has been no rainfall in the Shasta Lake drainage the past week. There is a no rain/snow forecast for this week.

Current Shasta Lake depth at its deepest point near Shasta Dam is about 387 feet. The lake is currently holding about 1.67 million acre feet of water which is just 58% of normal for this date.

Looking back, last year on this date Shasta Lake stood at 1021 feet, 46 feet from crest. During the historically dry year of 2008 the Shasta Lake water level on December 16 was 915 feet, or 152 feet from the top.

Current Shasta Lake water temperature at the surface ranges between 51 and 54 degrees. The surface temperature is cooler where rivers enter the lake while the main body of Shasta Lake will be near the higher mark. At depth water temperature is a fairly stable 49-51 degrees.

In the chart below the heavy blue line indicates the current water storage of Shasta Lake while the light blue background indicates historical average.

The thin blue line was the very wet 1982-83 season. The red line was the driest year ever of 1976-77 Lake Shasta lake information, guide, travel and tourism.

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