media GiantShasta

Giant Shasta Is Back

“Shasta Lake, even with releases to points south, is guaranteed to stay over 90 percent for at least the next two months. That is a game-changer for recreation. Shasta will again be California’s No. 1 recreation lake this summer.”   “The rejuvenation is amazing. Giant Shasta is back.”   A glowing review of the current […]

hirz bay HirzBay_03262016

Hirz Bay Morning in Pink and Blue

Instagrammer @jackattacktodak snapped this gorgeous Saturday morning shot at Hirz Bay.

boating SLDebris_03262016

Spring Time is Driftwood Time

It’s normal in the Spring to find plenty of debris in Shasta Lake, which can can present a hazard to boaters. As well as source material for the crafters or firewood gatherers. The Forest Service is good at clearing the floating debris with impound booms across the McCloud Arm and Squaw Creek Arm. Be aware […]